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Heartland Hauntings is a paranormal research team based out of northwest Indiana, and has been functioning since April 2011.  Our primary paranormal research focus is on ghosts and ghostly phenomena.  We do employ a “scientific basis” to our approach, but with so many teams making this same claim these days (and, honestly, many not really knowing what this truly means), a clear definition of this is warranted:

Heartland Hauntings uses scientifically-based equipment as well as professional-grade tools to evaluate events that are construed as “ghostly phenomena,” as it is our belief that using such tools and equipment can be used only as aids in investigating such events.  However, we recognize & uphold that if any phenomenon can be explained in any manner, whether through the use of equipment, rational evaluation & explanations of occurrences, or through any other manner, then the event cannot be “paranormal,” as true paranormal events have no rational explanation AND cannot be evaluated/supported scientifically.

Although there are no true “experts” in the field of paranormal research, we employ a series of protocols and processes that support performing our investigating techniques with the utmost display of professionalism.  We scrutinize any and all evidence to ensure what will be presented has no other rational or natural explanation.

We are true advocates of para-unity; we have and continue to work with teams and individual investigators/researchers in the paranormal field.  Our goal in investigating the paranormal is to contribute any findings of paranormal events (with respect to our research focus) to the paranormal field as events of its existence while recognizing that any & all evidence is open to all for evaluation, scrutiny, and criticism.  Our investigation and research methods include (but are not limited to):

  • Documenting paranormal events that occur during investigations;
  • Researching histories of locations, persons, etc.;
  • Researching and developing plausible theories that explain paranormal occurrences/circumstances;
  • Developing, employing, and testing theories and experiments related to paranormal events, whether to prove or disprove an occurrence

We focus our investigations to locations/areas where ghostly paranormal activity either may be claimed to be occurring or has been noted to occur.  In effect, this may require us to travel to sites of well-known activity, but we also offer our services to private residential and business settings.

All investigations and services that Heartland Hauntings conducts are completely free of charge.

Through this, we have established the following motto:

Searching for the Truth Beyond the Veil

PLEASE NOTE:  We are not demonologists, nor do we provide exorcisms or removal services of entities that may exist.  These are beyond our scope of service.

A Documentary is in the Works!

Co-founder and team leader, JC Rositas, has established Crimson Night Productions, LLC.  With assistance from Len Miller, Dave Thompson, Andy Collins, and the Heartland Hauntings team, he is embarking on his first documentary, “When the Walls Talk:  The Whispers Estate Documentary”.

Intrigued by Whispers Estate since 2009, JC felt it is time that this location be given its due and let its story be shared.  Check out the trailer that has been created so far via the link to YouTube:


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